Termal Inkjet Tecnology 2.5


Get rid of the controller screen, independent “head” online printing!
More portable, less space, higher freedom and better price performance


Integrated design for easy installation, with complete functions
Less space demand, more suitable for small production line
Support remote PC control and offline printing
Support GSl DM and QR codes and other anti-counterfeiting tracing printing
Speed up to 406m/min
Self-developed software, easy to maintain
The number of nozzles can be spliced as required.



KE1 integrated variable data printing system adopts high-performance industrial COR TEX-A7 1.2ghz dual-core processor, independently developed printing engine algorithm, industrial fpga chip, high anti-interference level’s motherboard. The printer equipped with usb, serial port, inforamation control, optical sensor and encoder hardware inter- face. It can maintain stable printing qualities at high or low temperature and in dusty, damp, interference environment

It has a stable and efficient linux security intelligent operating system, an inde pendently developed ultra-high-speed printing management system, which can achieve dynamic information group pringting. KE1 supports traceability systems, anti-counter feiting systems, food and drug monitoring codes, and dynamic databases. The printing speed can reach up to 406m/min, and resolution ration up to 600dpi. ‘We support oem and customization