FUNAI High-speed variable Data

  • tidirefi-kf





  • 10-inch HD touch screen
  • Thin body with complete intrfaces
  • Anti-counterfeiting traceable data inkjet
  • Real-time calculation of printing cost
  • Production line alarm light control
  • GS1 DataMatrix
  • KF family interface is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Aerospace aluminum industrial protection
  • Software allows seamless stitching
  • Network remote centralized management
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse control

More reliable professional hardware

Uses American Tl Company AM3358 Industrial-Agrade high-performance CPU, American Xilinx Company Spartané6 Industri-al-grade high-speed computing FPGA printing engine, Industrial-grade TIJ inkjet special ASIC chip set, Motherboard adopts anti-interference industrial-grade solid-state electronic components, SMT manufacturing process, dustproof, moisture-proof,corrosion-resistant industrial-grade protective body, 10.1-inch industrial touch display, supports network USB serial port alarm and other complete external hardware interfaces, all industrial-grade hardware ensures reliable and stable application in various complex working conditions, applicable in high and low temperature, dusty, humid, and interference environments, to achieve stable printing quality.

More powerful software system

Stable and efficient architecture industrial-grade embedded Linux secure intelligent operating system, independently developed ultra-high-speed inkjet management system, ultra-high-speed inkjet response within 10 milliseconds, efficient and flexible dynamic database printing function, supports remote network centralized management and control, supports traceability system, anti-counterfeiting system, food and drug supervision code, dynamic database, real-time high-speed inkjet powerful GS1 two-dimensional code and barcode, functions meet various variable code application needs of customers, built-in powerful ink drop consumption dedicated algorithm can instantly calculate printing costs for customers, scanner input, wireless keyboard and mouse control multi-level security menu, supports over 40 kinds of multilingual languages.

  • Doble cabezal de impresión que se puede instalar de forma independiente
  • Escala de grises ajustable de 1 a 6 niveles, que proporciona ricos efectos de impresión en negro
  • Los cartuchos de tinta se instalan con hebilla para mayor sencillez y fiabilidad
  • Varios soportes opcionales disponibles para diferentes métodos de instalación
  • Admite varios cartuchos de tinta FUNAI, incluidas opciones de base acuosa y de secado rápido
  • Fácilmente compatible con básculas, máquinas de envasado y transportadores de paginación
  • Admite la funcionalidad de marca OEM para una personalización personalizada



Body materialIndustrial stainless stell
Operating systemEmbedded Linux Operating System
Comm. lntefaceUSB, RS232, TCP/IP network interfaces (supporting network remote centralized control and
management, integration with weighing machines/conveyors/paging machines/packaging machines/
ERP databases/pharmaceutical supervision codes/anti-counterfeiting traceability systems).
Working EnvironmentTemp 0-45°C /Humidity 30 to 70%RH
Power Supply30Volts 3Amps DC output
DimensionController 253mm155mm37mm – Printhead Group:113mm100mm39mm
External interfacePhotocell,Encoder,External Reverse/Inverse control,Alarm outputs, External data Selection.
Main HardwareAmerican Tl A M3358 industrial grade CPU/ USA Xilinx Spant6 industrial grade FPGA/TIJ dedicated ASIC chip
LanguagesSupports over 40 languages from various countries and regions (Chinese / English/ Arabic/ Russian / French / Vietnamese / Korean / Burmese/ Indonesian/ Hindi/ Portuguese / Japanese / Spanish / Italian…).

Printing Head

Nozzle TypeFUNAI Printhead
Print Accuracy108m/min (320 X 100DP1), 76.2m/min (320 X 160DPI), 60.8m/min (320 X 300DPI) (multiple sets of variable data with ultra-high-speed response inkjet printing within 10 milliseconds)
Print heightMinimum printing height: 1mm, single printhead printing height: 13.5mm, maximum printing height for dual printheads: 27mm (optimal quality distance between printhead and printing surface: 1-2mm)
Ink typeWater-based, oil-based, weak solvent, solvent 40ml ink cartridges.
Ink colorBlack
Cartridge chipRFID non-contact chips, automatically identify the optimal parameters for ink and record ink levels.
Printable substratCardboard/plastic/metal/wood/pipes/stone/glass/cables/electronic components/automobile spare parts/industrial chemical packaging/medical and food gift packaging boxes.
Print contentsMulti-language characters / GS1 DataMatrix / dynamic traceability QR codes/ barcodes / graphics / serial numbers / date / shift / counter / variable databases /network serial port real-time dynamic data printing, etc.