Compatible Inkjet Inks

Tidirefi ® takes into account all factors when develops and manufactures consumables, so we guarantee a suitable ink choice for each customer necessity. Inks of advanced chemical composition have been designed for present applications and manufacturing environments with excellent performance formulation and production times. Our trademark is synonymous with quality and guarantee.

There is no need of cleaning or replacing filters when placing Tidirefi ® consumables in OEM printers. Replace ink or make-up is simple and clean, thanks to a direct 100 % replacement in most of our formulations and a total container compatibility.

Tidirefi ® is constantly developing and investigating in new formulations to be at the vanguard in compatible inks, as in the same time OEM professionals are also developing coding and marking systems. We are the only manufacturer in the world offering more than 1.500 compatible fluid references, having the 90 % of the principal manufacturers OEM references.

There are many factors that should be taken into account when chosing a good inkjet inks manufacturer. Tidirefi ® guarantee ink of maximum quality, providing solutions to all 100% compatible inks for printers with CIJ, DOD, HI.RES and TIJ technologies.

Tidirefi ® researches and offers new developments and provide you with all technical and human resources we have, in order to offer the best solution in compatible consumables of high quality.


Tidirefi ® offers to distributors the possibility of personalizing labels in packaging

Inks for specific industrial sectors:


Why Tidirefi ® consumables?

  • We use the highest quality raw material.
  • Great experience as inkjet ink manufacturer.
  • 100% compatible ink with direct replacement, no need of cleaning or changing filters.
  • Printers require less maintenance and service than if you use inks from other suppliers; filters and nozzles don´t block.
  • All of our consumables are tested with stricted development and quality techniques before being launched.
  • Chemical analysis and printer testing during 48 hours in every manufactured batch, in order to avoid error.
  • Expiry date validation through accelerated ageing.
  • Good experience in logistics, sending your order fastly to any place in the world.
  • If you are looking for quality, Tidirefi ® is your brand.

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