HI.RES Printers

Tidirefi® H18 & H53 inkjet high resolution printer with Xaar technology


H18 and H53 printers are ideal to high definition printing on box and package, with low costs and reduced maintenance.
The module design offers the flexibility to comply with most of the coding requirements. The printhead permits coding both vertical and horizontal of logo, barcode and high quality graphics up to 53 mm height, on porous substrates like paper, cardboard and wood, and porous like metal, plastic, glass and different recovering. This is a real alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes

The user interface and intuitive software 3x1, in addition to its innovative printing system without pump, make that the text can be produced and printed the same as with CIJ y DOD printers, which guarantee sharpness codes and graphics with high quality.

Its colour touch screen with icons, easy use, the fast you can replace the cartridges without having to stop the printing and its ink saving, make Tidirefi® H Series printer more efficient and it increases the quality of the codes and minimizing costs.

Comparative between a H18 & H53 printer and any other high resolution printer

H18 & H53 printerHi-Resolutions printer
1. Purchasing low cost   -
2. Small and controlled printhead size -
3. Easy usage and message creation
4. No maintenance requirement -
5. No ink pump requirement  -
6. No existen piezas de desgaste -
7. Modular and flexible system with printhead alternation -
8. Vegetal oil-based ecological inks
9. Saving ink software -
10. Printing on multiple substrates -
11. Horizontal, vertical and below printing -
12. High operational profitability -
13. Two years guarantee -
14. Possibility to personalize the printer -