Inkjet filters

Tidirefi® offers, for most of the OEM printers, a lot of filters both originals and compatible, made in Europe, with the same or superior quality as the ones manufactured by the principal inkjet printer brands.

Picture Description Descripción OEM Ref. Tidirefi Ref.
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Picture Description Descripción OEM Ref Tidirefi Ref
  Main ink filter capsule serie CI 10µ Filtro principal de tinta serie CI 10µ 003-1016-001 CR0031016001
   Filter make-up  Filtro make-up 003-1018-001 CR0031018001
   Gutter filter 20 mic  Filtro de gotera 20µ 003-1109-001 CR0031109001
   In line feed filter 20 mic inox Filtro lineal de alimentacion 20µ inox 003-2014-001                    003-1177-001 CR0032014001                  CR0031177001
   Filter controller air for model 2003/2006 Filtro de aire para modelos del 2003 al 2006 004-1015-001  CR0041015001
  Filter controller air for model 2007/2015 Filtro de aire para modelos del 2007 al 2015 004-1015-002  CR0041015002
Picture Description Descripción OEM Reference Tidirefi Reference
  Codebox ink tank filter Filtro tanque de tinta Codebox 10040 DR10040
  Air filter GP series A120/A220 Filtro de aire series GP A120/A220 1-0360015SP DR10360015SP
  Filter 20µ pleated disc Filtro disco 20µ 14600 DR14600
  Main filter system A series 5µ Filtro pincipal A Series 5µ 14831 DR14831
  Damper A Series Damper series A 14833 DR14833
  Gutter filter 20µ black Filtro Gotera 20µ negro 29265 DR29265
  Filter Kit peek 10µ Filtro directo marrón 10µ autolimpieza 29273 DR29273
  Fan filter A400 Filtro ventilador A400 30443 DR30443
  Air filter A200/300 Filtro de aire A200/300 37708 DR37708
  Air fitler A series Filtro de aire series A 37805 DR37805
  Bulkhead filter 10µ filtro bloque de tinta 10µ alimentación 37940 DR37940
  DOD Ink filter Filtro de tinta DOD 78220 DR78220