OEM Inks

OEM Inkjet inks for printers manufacturers

Tidirefi started only as compatible ink manufacturer, but thanks to our reputation, quality and performance, we have demonstrated that many OEM can trust in our company as OEM fluids manufacturer. We offer an extended range of CIJ, DOD, HI.RES and TIJ inks, water-based, ethanol-based, n-propanol-based, acetone-based, mek-based,pigmented-based, micro pigmented-based, UV resistant, invisible, alcaline, sterilized, food grade, and the opportunity to manufacture special inks, according to each customer requirement, following the most advanced manufacturing techniques and counting on the best raw material and chemist professionals.

Tidirefi provides to OEM printer manufacturers an excellent service, associating with an ink supplier as Tidirefi, who is constantly developing in formulations in order to make printers work without problems. We develop the ink each OEM manufacturer require, under the specifications needed by the OEM printer. All of the formulations are tested and contrasted offering the highest quality and excellent performance.

Quality controls are assured in manufacturing


OEM ink types

Tintas CIJ

Tintas DOD

Tintas HI.RES

Tintas TIJ