We manufacture a wide variety of ink and make-up references for Videojet® 1000 series printers with high performance and savings.

No cleaning or filter changes are needed when working with Tidirefi consumables.

The cartridges come with a fully compatible chip with the original.

Videojet® Ref. Tidirefi® Ref.
V401-D VI401DC
V410-D VI410DC
V410A-D VI410ADC
V411-D VI411DC
V414-D VI414DC
V435-D VI435DC
V437-D VI437DC
V459-D VI459DC
V460-D VI460DC
V461-D VI461DC
V469-D VI469DC
V490-D VI490DC
V490-C VI490CC
V495-D VI495DC
V496-D VI496DC
V499-D VI499DC
V505-D VI505DC
V506-D VI506DC
V512-C VI512CC
V512-D VI512DC
V521-D VI521DC
V499-D VI499DC
Videojet® Ref. Tidirefi® Ref
V701-D VM701DC
V705-D VM705DC
V705A-D VM705ADC
V706-D VM706DC
V708-D VM708DC
V709-D VM709DC
V710-D VM710DC
V711-D VM711DC
V712-D VM712DC
V713-D VM713DC
V718-D VM718DC
V720-D VM720DC
V730-D VM730DC
V751-D VM751DC
V812-D VM812DC
V816-D VM816DC
V820-D VM820DC
V821-D VM821DC